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At Glam Paws we offer a range of different services uniquely adapted to suit your dog.

o Bathing
o Drying
o Clipping
o Reverse Clipping
o Hand Stripping
o Nail Clipping
o Scissor Finishing
o Care of Ears
o De Matting
o Dog Walking
o Pick Up & Drop Off

We do offer de matting if your dog has a few Matts but if your dog is severely matted we will have to clip the fur short for the comfort of your dog.

We offer puppy classes for dogs under 6 months this is in 3 stages.

o Meet and greet the groomer and light brush (Free)
o Bath , Dry & Nail Clipping (Half Price )
o Full groom (Half Price)

It's important to bring your dog to the groomers at a young age so that they can gain confidence with grooming. We recommend you book your dog in for regular grooms to keep your dog's fur in excellent condition for your dog's happiness, we offer bathing appointments between grooms.


Bath & Brush

o Small dog from £15
o Medium dog from £20
o Large dog from £28

Full Groom

o Small dog from £20
o Medium dog from £28
o Large dog from £35

Prices are based on dog's fur being in good condition, extra charges will be applied if dogs are matted. For an accurate price specific to your dogs breed please contact us.